Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Fine Line Between Lost and Abandoned

There is a fine line between wanting to stay out on a walk and getting abandoned. I nearly discovered where that line was today. Fortunately I made it to the car in time before the master drove off.

Not wanting to go back to the car
And this time with perspective

We had had a great walk in the park off Glenfield Road. We walked all the way up to the waterfall and back. With all the rain it was very large and loud.

I know I've refused to come back many times, especially when I was younger. It would make him furious. But now I'm worried in case he has found a way of replacing me. 

There is a dog called Boe on the Underheugh Ark website. They are a charity that take in abandoned animals and find them foster homes until someone is able to adopt them. Boe is about the same age as me. You can see why I'm worried. He's the one on the right. 

He could be my brother. And he has the name of a character from Dr Who. The master would love to take him. Fortunately the mistress is the one with the final say and she is sensible. This is a one dog house. There's no room on my couch for two, unless it's for cuddles.

If I did end up abandoned by virtue of my own stubborn stupidity, I think the master would still find and recover me. He's always looking at the dogs up for adoption at the Dogs Trust and Underheugh. I just hope he would get in there first. I'd hate to have to relocate and train another family to my ways.