Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Night of the Blood Moon

The master stayed up last night, wanting to see the Blood Moon, a complete lunar eclipse where the moon turns red. People once believed it was an ill omen, a sign of bad times ahead. How right they were!

He was already very tired and should have joined the mistress when she went to bed. The eclipse wasn't due to start for a few hours so he settled in for a long night. Hot beverage made, he clicked 'play' on the file of a tv programme he'd downloaded, only to discover the audio was out of sync. As this sometimes happens with the player, he decided to switch to the laptop, electing to plug it into the wall socket so he could still watch it on the big screen. Then he stretched the HDMI cable too far and pulled it out of wall socket, the connector falling inside the wall panel. Now he'd have to remove the wall panel to be able to reconnect it.

Searching for a screw driver with no success, he decided to use a blunt dinner knife to loosen the wall plate screw. The mistress wasn't happy with all the drawer pulling and furniture shifting, light switches going on and lots of moving about, and moaned wanting to know what was going on. He tried to explain but she wasn't really interested. The obvious subtext was 'stop making noise, I'm trying to sleep', which I heartily agreed with. We'd had a long walk around Aberfoyle that afternoon and I was looking forward to my snooze on the bed, maybe even a snuggle under the covers in the crook of the mistress' legs. The disturbance must have annoyed her as next thing I was being ushered into the living room, with the door to the bedroom closed behind me. I jumped onto the couch and made myself comfortable.

Shortly afterwards I lifted my head to see why he was cursing and harrumphing. The wall plate screw would not go back in. He'd manage to reattach the HDMI cable to the wall connector but couldn't close up the plate again. The knife blade kept slipping and the screw popped back out again. Time after time. After twenty minutes he gave up and decided to watch the programme anyway. The panel may be sticking out of the wall but the all-important cable was connected properly. Also, his drink was getting cold and he'd just remembered the half-eaten chocolate biscuit. None for me I noticed and sighed. 

He settled down to watch the download on the tv via the laptop only to discover the same sound problem. He wasn't amused. It wasn't the player. It was the file. He wasted all that effort and caused all that damage for nothing. He had to watch something else.

One programme later, he turned his attention back to the laptop, wanting to check the exact times of the lunar happenings but discovered the wifi internet was down. This meant he couldn't play his online game either. He then realised he hadn't brought the file containing the first part of a short story he was working on either and his kindle was missing the book he wanted to read next too. Everything was going wrong.

He decided to force himself to stay awake by nipping outside. The large, bright full moon was beautiful, the illuminated low lying fog giving the fields a fairy tale quality. Later the fog thickened, causing the moon to appear as if behind a gauze in the sky. The air was still. At different times, country animals would make their presence known: cows mooing, dogs barking like danger was imminent. Creepy birds called out from the shadows of the forest. He sat alone on the bench (except for the spiders) and looked up at the sky as the shadow slowly crossed the moon's surface, the night becoming darker. He clicked pictures semi-regularly via his phone (none of which were very good) until eventually the moon was gone. A chill breeze began. His bones trembled, responding to the icy breath which whispered across his face and seeped into his skin. 

With the moon now engulfed by shadow, he sat a little longer outside in the darkness, then decided it was too cold and joined me in the living room. He waited twenty minutes for his blood moon to appear but the sky remained dark. At 4.20am he went to bed.

Later that morning, when he awoke, he discovered on the news that the blood moon was the last phase of the lunar eclipse. If he'd just waited up another forty minutes he'd have seen it. He was very annoyed. And tired. And grumpy. Just his usual in fact. He'll just have to wait thirty years for the next one.

Not that it was much to look at. When I had a peek, it just looked grey to me. I don't know what all the fuss was about. 

Monday, 28 September 2015

I'm Back!

After a year's sabbatical, I'm back. The master has finally allowed me back on the keyboard, now he's got his idea about being a writer out of his system. He did make it into the local paper, but with a marker pen and a stuck on photo. He wasn't fooling anyone. 

I don't know how often I'll post but, rest assured, figbane is very much alive.