Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Weather too hot or not too hot, that is the question.

A Scottish scorcher today, 25 degrees C. I couldn't settle in the garden. It was too warm. The problem is I still have my winter coat and it's not shedding fast enough. I scratch at it but I really haven't got the energy to make much impact. I'm even letting the humans brush me without resisting.

Even the house was too warm. With all the windows open, we failed to attract any coolness, just flies and bees into the house. Maybe they thought it was too warm outside too. 

Not actually from today -
 the camera would have melted (maybe)
Fortunately by the time the master walked me in the evening, a cool breeze had developed. I was still panting and keen to play 'chase and retrieve' but he dissuaded me. The previous night I had given him, and myself, a fright after our game, unable to walk for more than a couple of yards without lying down. He was reminded of when his first pet dog was old and had had a heart attack. It perked up at the sight of the park, only to accept his legs couldn't carry him there and back. He made it there but had to be carried home, tired but content.

If I had died yesterday, it would have been a pleasant way to go, baking in the sun. Much better than on the vet's table. I'm not ready to go yet but it was a sign that I'm not quite as young as I once was. I need to slow down. I think that's why I'm getting grumpier with young dogs. If they steal my ball I would previously have chased after them but now I just bark at the master for a replacement, and he usually complies. Anything for an easy life. 

The master has been back at work for a while. Why he couldn't have been sick now when the weather is lovely is disappointing! I would have enjoyed the cooling effect of his tears on my coat, plus I would have been able to spend these lovely days at the cabin, instead of dodging out for walks between showers as we did back in March.

It won't be long before the mistress is on holiday. I wonder what plans she has to fill my days? Lots of sunbathing I hope.