Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Vominute Mistake

I discovered today that you do get bad deer poop and that I need to be more selective in my forest dining choices. Shortly after my return from a long walk, while I rested, I projectile vomited a lumpy, brown spray all over the carpet and couch, catching both the cover and the side coverings at the same time. It wasn't intentional. I only got time to sit up before I barfed.

The master wasn't amused. He's not practiced in multiple venue staining. Normally my vomit contains just partially-digested, mushy Burns pellets which can be easily scooped up and cleaned, but this time it was mud brown and that clashed with the carpet and had chunks.  

He did his best but I think he made a mistake in his choice of waste disposal. He should have flushed it down the toilet, not thrown the bucket's watery contents back into the woods because my nose is so sensitive I notice these things and I'm not fussy about re-eating regurgitate. Some of it is still good even hours later. I hope for his sake the rain washes it away or the field mice eat it up because if it's still there in the morning that's my breakfast number 2. I'm just warning him now.

I guess I'll not be sleeping in his bed tonight.