Thursday, 31 October 2013

Short Post after a Long Gap

Where did the time go? Two months to you feels like a year to me.

I've been distracted by the suitor next door. Fluffy has been wooing me through the fence but with such wide thick planks between us I'm not sure how we can really proceed. Our love will need to remain vocal but unrequited.

The mistress and the master were on a Halloween date tonight... to avoid all the Halloweeners. They went to a comedy show at the Old Fruitmarket. Three Canadian comedians working under the umbrella title "The Lumberjacks". They enjoyed it. Or at least I think they did. The master was smiling. He'd worked out why the prices of the drinks at the bar at the Old Fruitmarket were so expensive. It was called the 'Bazaar Bar'. Obviously you were supposed to haggle and he'd made the mistake of paying the opening price. He felt such a fool!