Saturday, 31 August 2013

Autumn - When Tomorrow Comes (Yeah, Yeah)

It's the final day of summer and I'm at the cabin again with Jess and the master. He's playing Eurythmics songs on his ipod while he does his back stretches.
 "Sisters' are doing it for themselves"

The mistress and Cruella are absent, hard at work at home painting rooms. The master cannot believe he's getting away with having to dog-sit us while the women work. The world is a bit upside down. Maybe it's karma for all the bad things happening at his work. He's been stressed and his back pain is crippling him. A relaxing day with us is exactly what he needs.

"You have placed a chill in my heart"

On our morning walk we find a desiccated adult frog on its back in the middle of the path into the dog walking area with a pecked out hole where its stomach once was. The master flips it over out of curiosity and walks on. He turns to find me attempting to get my neck positioned perfectly for a roll on it and hisses an objection. I don't get to collect the trophy smell.

 "It's alright (Baby's coming back)"

He doesn't share breakfast with us having abandoned us to eat in Aberfoyle. The final summer sun beams in through the windows and we bask in the heat till his return. He opens the patio doors allowing the brisk wind to blow in a wasp. It dies in a foamy spray as predator man stalks it across the living room, eventually blasting it on the window nearest the gate. The white circle residue bleeds a white trickle south as the excessive force feels the gravity of the insect murder.The deceased curled wasp corpse is removed with the same kitchen roll used to clean the crime scene.

 "Here comes the rain again"

The afternoon Gartmore walk is hastily rearranged when two notices declare the route 'Closed - car park unfit for cars'. He's disappointed as he was hoping to challenge his new CX-5 on the notoriously bad road to the parking area. We end up in Braeval with an equally bumpy entrance, which catches him by surprise. Disembarking, we climb the hill and I find a large black beetle wriggling intensely on its back, its legs thrashing in the air. The master takes pity on it and flicks it over. I wonder why he saved it and yet killed the wasp. Was he balancing his karma again? And what if the beetle was just trying to scratch an itch on its back? He didn't think of that.

We head home just as a shower lightly sprays the car windows. I realise this is the end of summer. Its been a great one with lots of sun and fun. The wind is blowing us more cold (and colds as the mistress would attest) so when the sun returns I use every minute of it to relax and soak it up. The master sleeps on the couch until its time for dinner.

"Don't ask me why"
We don't witness any more insect death on our evening walk, unless you count the battle in the child play area between a pint-sized Batman and a smaller unmasked Spider-man, using lightsabers for obvious reasons if you're a four year old. The master feels old when he realises his inner monologue is complaining that that combat doesn't make sense: superheroes with lightsabers? Perhaps Spider-man might have a chance of getting one being a scientist and Disney owning both Lucasfilm and Marvel. For the record, Batman won as Spidey threw a tantrum and chucked his sword down in a huff. Probably creative differences.

I'm tired after the walk and sleep in my bed while he plays his new game. He's not enjoying it. He's had it a day and already he's checking out trade in prices. He should wait for the reviews before late night pre-ordering.

"I need a man."

This is nothing to do with the cabin stay but I haven't mentioned yet that we've a new dog moved in next door at home, a male called Puffy. We've only touched noses through the fence and I've barked my faux objections towards him many times but... I think I like him. More next time.

"Sweet Dreams"