Monday, 27 May 2013

Spring Bank Holiday Wasps

We have a rosewood bench on our decking at the cabin in Aberfoyle. The master and mistress love sitting on their bench looking out over the fields towards Gartmore and the peak of Ben Lomond. From the bench they can watch the comings and goings of the holiday park and gaze up into the bluebell forest behind the cabin. It offers quite an all round view. And this weekend it was out of bounds because of wasps.

It's nest building time and the local wasps have decided to use the timber from the bench as the basis for their nest. The pests were constantly flying in to chew away at it, leaving faint, tiny chisel lines in the wood. There was always at least one laying claim to the bench, displaying a yellow and black striped reserved notice to dissuade any humans from approaching. To compound the discomfort we suspected that one of the potential nest sites was beneath the decking, as a number of the blighters were appearing and disappearing from between the beams, but they may have just been eating at that too. The site manager is going to investigate.

The upshot of all this was we had to keep all the windows and outer doors closed for the entire weekend, except for the one in the en-suite, which is strange considering its the only room in the building that the humans might be totally naked, exposing all their flesh to any wasp intruders. The cabin was boiling on the Friday. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I thought the mistress was going to pass out from the heat. I loved it. At the end of the day I was exhausted from panting and drank two bowls worth of water.  

Shame the weather didn't stay that way. By 4 am on the Monday, after a couple of dry days, the rain began and downpoured for another 12 hours. After refusing to get soaked after breakfast, I lay in their bed listening to the rain bouncing off the roof. They went out for lunch and suggested I nip out for some bladder relief but I declined. One sniff and a fuzzy glance through the rainy haze was enough to tell me I didn't need a shower that badly. When they returned they watched a movie (Movie 43) and fell out because the master described it as a comedy. The mistress called it a travesty and I just wanted it to stop raining before I involuntarily wet the couch.

By 4pm the rain stopped and I was relieved to get outside, even happily agreeing to pose for this picture. The wasps were relieved too as they too returned to the bench to continue their operation. I wonder, if they were given enough uninterrupted time, would we find the entire bench consumed and rebuilt as a nest under the decking, minus the bolts obviously?

Spring Bank Holiday 2013 between downpours.