Saturday, 10 November 2012

Try This At Home

With autumn giving way to winter cold, here's a tip for all dog kin out there to keep warm: make full use of your human hosts. 

Traditionally, humans like to relax on their comfy sofas, eating snacks, drinking tea and watching telly. Sometimes we dogs are allowed to join them but usually just beside them. I've come up with a move that benefits us more. 

When they're sitting on their couch, invite yourself up beside them, then nudge your way behind them, moving all the way round their back so you can rest your head on their leg. This way your body gets their heat as you act as the meat in the sofa-human sandwich  If they resist, give them your sad eyes, perhaps huff a time or two, but be persistent. The mutual heat benefit is amazing. But beware pawing at their back too much as ripping the couch cover will give you a one way pass to the doghouse.

They won't be very comfortable but sometimes you need to be a little selfish. Life's too short for us. Why should they always be the top dog?