Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Eight Pounds

Today's blog is not a sequel to the Will Smith film 'Seven Pounds' but is about my master losing eight pounds in two weeks. 

It's a mystery to me. Each Tuesday morning he goes into the bathroom and when he comes out the mistress asks, "Well?" and he says two numbers and she tells him how much money he's lost. So far it's eight pounds. I don't understand it. 

Is it some game where he has to guess what number she's thinking of and the closer he is the less money it costs him, unless he thinks of a higher number and then she pays him? I've never seen any money change hands though.

Do we have a secret casino in our bathroom? If we do, he's very unlucky at it. He's barely in there a minute and he's lost. I poked my nose in on Thursday but he was just standing there on a metal box looking at his feet. The box does have a tiny screen so maybe it's a puggy. I can't see where it pays out though or where he feeds the coins in. Maybe its online or Wifi or something.   

Or maybe he's discovered a portal to another temporal dimension, like the fitting room in the costume shop that Mr Benn visited? He could be away dressed as a spaceman or a cowboy or a knight having an adventure before work. Perhaps the money is the costume deposit which he tells the shopkeeper to keep because he's generous that way. He is usually semi naked when he returns. It would explain why he is eating less if he was filling up on adventure calories, which don't make you fat. 

I think he should take me. I'd love a fat free adventure with walking and snacking. It's doing him the world of good because he's looking thinner. He can see his feet without stooping.