Monday, 18 June 2012


Carrying a plastic bottle in his hand, my master returned home this evening with a red mark on his swollen lower lip. I ran up to him and enthusiastically greeted him, expecting to be handed the bottle to chew and destroy like a toy. Only he didn't give it to me. Instead he started to demonstrate to the mistress how he got the swollen lip.

He was heading to his car after work and had his rucksack in one hand and the bottle in the other. He needed to get the car keys from his pocket to unlock the car door so put the bottle in his mouth, lid first. At this point in his story he put the bottle in his mouth to demonstrate. He then unlocked the car door, opened it and 'bam' knocked the bottle against his mouth. Only, as he demonstrated the car door hitting the bottle, he managed to repeat the incident and struck the end of the bottle again. It hurt even more second time around.

The mistress tried not to laugh. I demanded he give me the bottle immediately before he did himself any more damage and he complied. It had blood on the lid from his cut lip. What a silly boy!