Monday, 7 May 2012

A Marvellous Day?

Thursday was a fantastic day. It was gloriously warm and coincidentally both my owners were off work due in part to the local council elections. They had intended to see 'Marvel's Avengers' Assemble" (the UK title, if the producers knew how to punctuate) but changed their mind in favour of enjoying the unexpectedly pleasant weather. The new plan included taking me on an extended walk up the Braes in the afternoon. The master had heard that the highland cattle were away and all three fields were open to ramble. 

Unfortunately, it got so hot in the afternoon that the long walk looked unlikely. I sunbathed after a little gentle ball-retrieving and the mistress gardened. The master napped on the living room couch, knackered after having worked the previous ten days in a row. 

After dinner, and the disappointment of discovering the 2D version of the film was only on in the very early evening or late night (whereas the 3D and 3D IMAX were on at prime time - kerching for the cinemas), the Braes walk was put back on the agenda. I could sense a little tension between the pair as the master had already seen the film with a pal, whereas the mistress hadn't. 

The plan was to have a leisurely walk then vote on the way home. There had been a debate over whether they needed to take the voting cards, because the website said you didn't but the cards stated you did, so the mistress tucked them into her rear trouser pocket, just in case.The polling station closed at 10pm so we had plenty of time. 

The walk was fabulous. Dry, warm, lots of smells and ball throwing, manure-rich soil to chew and knee-deep burns to drink and paddle in (the first vowel in that last noun is accurate). We crossed all three fields, as far as the golf club and back, encountering other dogs and walkers along the way. As we approached the last field before the car park, the mistress checked her pockets to discover the voting cards had fallen out.

Normally the master gets lectured by the mistress about carrying his mobile phone when away from home, in case of emergencies. The mistress has told him off on many occasions for leaving it behind so, by chance, the master was quite pleased with himself for remembering to bring his with him this time and formulated a plan in his head to split up and search the route quicker, a plan which would have worked had the mistress remembered to bring hers. So instead I got an even longer walk as we retraced our path back as far as the last field, where the cards were eventually located. It's amazing how such a warm day can end up so frosty.

By dusk they had voted. They didn't tell me how they voted. Probably by marking a number on a ballot paper and putting it face down in a ballot box. I slept well that night.