Sunday, 19 February 2012

Highly Strung

"Highly Strung" was the vet's description of me. Why? Because I howled and howled in discomfort as his lubed glove assaulted my rectal glands and anal cavity. I'd never felt so violated in my life. No one has ever used that hole as an entrance. I'm shitting spaghetti strings now due to the tightening of that orifice. 

And did he find anything. No! Everything was normal. Just a pigmentation change. I could have bitten my master for mentioning the slight discolouration of my back passage. The only thing I can say in the examination's favour was the kennel cough booster was a breeze after that. And I got treats from the vet and the lady at the reception desk, who had heard my wails through the walls. 

No picture of events though.