Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Week my Owners were Sick Part 2

The downside to having two owners ill at the same time was the lack of exercise. Normally they share the walking duties but with the master laid up in bed and the mistress coughing at the slightest inhalation of cold air my walks were restricted in length and frequency. The wet, windy weather didn't help either.

Initially I was pleased to receive my treat rewards without the need to get soaked. I even aborted one walk when the rain was falling sideways to return to get my Bonio and Dentastix. As the week continued however my frustration levels were growing and grumbling. I needed to burn off some aggression and no one was able to play with me. Fortunately I found an outlet in the form of a new game.

It wasn't really a 'new' game, more a sequel to a game I've played before. "Cat Attack 2" is a variation on British Bulldogs, playable by any breed and gender of dog. The dog has to prevent the incursion across his boundary of any of the multiple cats that want to cross into his territory. This involves lots of sniffing, power running, growling and barking threats. It can be played at any time of day or night as long as there are cats willing to play. There doesn't even have to be cats if you just want to be prepared. 

It was inspired by the arrival of another feline next door, Clifford, a pesky critter who likes to poop on our front lawn. I suspect his owners have been spraying cat litter on our grass because it looks like that area is the only place he goes to the bathroom. There's a new massive poo there every day. What are they feeding him? Or is he getting fed at multiple homes? That's the thing with cats, they can just meiow at a stranger's door and, if they're lucky, end up with a regular meal. If a dog tried that they'd get carted off to the pound and end up on prison rations. Where's the justice there?

Clifford has lots of friends who regularly visit his garden. His older brother doesn't get out much after Niro took a claw to him but this one is quite the charmer with his big cat eyes. He even tried to weedle his way into our house one night. I would have liked that - a confrontation 'doggo-a-catto' on my turf, chewing on him till his squeaker popped then ripping out his stuffing. 

As I said, my frustration level is inappropriately high owing to the shortage of walks.   

I can't let Clifford poo on the rear grass because with both my owners shy on poop scooping duty I'm running short of fresh space for me to go. I've pounded the line of the fence so much the grass has turned to a muddy trench. I return to the house so dirty after a gaming session they've used up all the clean towels. They now have to use the carrot stew bowl to wash my legs before I'm allowed further than the mat in the kitchen.

I hope one of them gets better soon. Or else I'm going to need a pawdicure. I won't show you my nails. They're in quite a state.