Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Week my Owners were Sick Part 1

My owners are not talking to one another at the moment. They've not fallen out though. She has laryngitis and has been left with no voice. One of the plus sides for him is he gets to watch the saucy bits on TV without being told to "cover his eyes". I can see her shaking her finger in disapproval but he can't see her, his eyes transfixed by the screen. At dinner, she's taken to writing him post-it notes. He pointed out if he ever lost his glasses they'd never be able to communicate again. She then mimed she could text him. I thought that would be a waste of time: one - he never checks his phone; and two - he doesn't know how to change the font size on his phone so he'd still be stuck if he'd lost his glasses.

He's not been well either. He came home early from work on Wednesday and went to bed with a hot water bottle and a bucket. I thought I heard him calling me so went upstairs. I discovered the bucket contained a warm, lumpy carrot stew, which I sneakily nibbled at. He got very annoyed. He scolded me and threw it all away down the toilet. He didn't want any of it. A bit of an overreaction I thought. He was so upset he stayed in bed and didn't eat another thing for the rest of the day. Great for his diet though. We made up later when he let me snuggle with him under the covers. To be fair he was too ill to argue. That hot water bottle was really cosy. I want one for my Christmas. I just need to promise I won't chew it.