Saturday, 12 November 2011

Death is just a Click Away

Should undertakers now have online sites complete with checkouts? Would it be considered distasteful to load your deceased partner's details into the basket and be one click away from their final resting place: a virtual graveyard for the digital age? GoogleGone. FaceBookedOut. Having picked their favourite sound to accompany this final program task, watch as their ashes are scattered in faux 3D across a specially themed desktop landscape from the emptied Recycle Bin. Would it become the norm to organise an online 'Confunerance', passworded or public, allowing all the elderly relatives to attend without having to travel while wondering if they'll be next?

Warning: during this process do not click 'back' or 'refresh' or else you may create a zombie program to haunt your computer till it's dying pixel. Defrags won't exorcise these living dead and neither will rebooting them remove them. Norton AntiUndead may be one solution but expensive.

That's the future! Just you wait...