Monday, 15 August 2011

Kaiser Chiefs in Riot Prediction Success.

The Kaiser Chiefs wrote a song "I predict a riot!" which won't be getting played on any radio station any time soon. Cities all over the country are on alert following nights of social unrest in areas of London, Manchester and Birmingham. Youths have been looting stores and setting fires to buildings and cars and attacking emergency services and the police. David Cameron and Boris Johnston both had to return early from holiday.

Coincidentally the stock markets were crashing all over the world. But I don't think the riots were triggered by the nation's youth being incandescent over the effect on their future pensions. 

I don't know what started it but I do know it became opportunistic. The police didn't quell the disorder at the beginning so it escalated. Young children and formerly upstanding citizens decided to go late night shopping because it appeared they could do so with impunity.

That's what I'm like. When I sense opportunity for a food snack, I don't hesitate. If my nose can get tongue deep into my mistress' jacket pocket to retrieve the bits of Schmacko she didn't give me on the walk, I'm in there, licking until that pocket is clean and soggy. The only deterrent I respond to is if the master and mistress might catch me. 

I guess the looters are like that too. But I'm an animal. What's their excuse?