Monday, 6 June 2011

Camping - Part 2

A few weeks ago gales and gusts blasted across Scotland, ripping branches from trees, snapping thick trunks and pushing over entire trees. The pavements and street gutters were littered with leaves still lush and green. It was so peculiar for May. It was like God had developed a persistent cough and didn't know he could pop into his local chemist for a cure. As an OAP he would have qualified for the Minor Ailment Service so wouldn't have had to pay, although narrowing his address to one post code may have been problematic, as might his date of birth. So maybe he did know this, being omniscient, and I'm going to hell for blasphemy. 

When the end of the world is coming, it makes you consider what to do with your remaining time. My owners decided to treat me to a holiday cabin near Aberfoyle. I have to share it with them but it's still fab. There's a forest to play in and a proper dog walking area and lots of places nearby to explore. The views are amazing. The designers have given a lot of thought to my needs when they installed the full length windows, which catch the sunlight perfectly. I can even see out of the side windows without jumping on the couch. I'm really looking forward to sunbathing on the decking too.

But the holiday dream was nearly over before it began. If the tree behind the cabin had come down towards us instead of away, our cabin would have been crushed dead. Instead my forest walk has become an agility course. Excellent! Every cloud has a silver lining. If only we could invent a way of extracting the silver, Scotland would be a much richer nation. (I'm saying it rains a lot)

I may not be blogging as often now I've discovered this peaceful paradise. Can you blame me?

P.S I've worked out why I've had this recent obsession with the Apocalypse. My owners have started watching Supernatural season five. It can't be the end of the world because there is a season six.