Thursday, 2 June 2011

Camping - Part 1

When Harold Camping, an American televangelist, predicted the Apocalypse to be on May 21st 2011, with the world being devastated by a series of earthquakes, he was openly mocked across the globe. The day came and went without the Rapture as he'd described it. However this was one man's reading of a book which has always been open to misintrepretation. So, what if he just got the details wrong (again)?

Camping suggests a day in biblical terms is a thousand years in today's world. So perhaps the "Day of Judgment" won't occur in one Jack Bauer-style 24hrs of calamity but in a slower series of catastrophes which will inevitably lead to the extinction of man. 

There are signs: 

Deadly tornadoes strike across the American West

A massive earthquake strikes Christchurch, 35 die

The Tohoku Tsunami wipes out part of coastal Japan. Fifteen thousand die. Nuclear catastrophe threatens.
Rio de Janeiro floods 2011

Columbian mud slides 2011
The planet isn't happy. Whatever your religion it's difficult not to see something is wrong. Human overpopulation is causing the planet to overheat, leading to climate change and food and water shortages. Less water means less food is produced and, with more mouths to feed, the price inevitably goes up. Inflation rises too and economies stretch to bursting. Eventually they pop and mankind will go to ugly war with itself over the last remaining resources. Then nature will wipe out those who remain. And the Earth will be born anew.


So endeth the gospel of figbane.