Sunday, 12 December 2010

"Freeze. Nobody move!"

The Snowmen got their revenge this week. After I mocked their abilities, they in turn showed what they could do, managing to bring Scotland to a grand halt with their wintery weather. Every Snowman on the estate grew stone smiles as wide as their big heads would allow.

On Monday, although the day began with heavy rain, washing away the previous night's grit, it soon gave way to sleet then heavy snow and it didn't pause for over three hours, dropping inches of snow on top of already thick ice. A lot of unlucky motorists on the M8 were stuck in their car as the roadway clogged up and halted. It seemed quite unbelievable that the main road dissecting the country could be affected in such a way but it happened.

Then the freezing fog descended and iced up the snow, making it even more treacherous. All in all there was eight inches of snow on the grass in my back garden and I was much troubled. When I ventured forth for my afternoon constitutional I ended up looking like baby Bambi, legs embedded in the snow at awkward angles. I thought I was going to get stuck. The icy snow seemed to grip my legs and wouldn't release them. Latterly I could only walk at the edge of the house where the snow was at its lowest, only going further where the humans had left foot prints for me to step into.

Because it was so cold (minus double digit centigrade) the mistress insisted I wear my overcoat when I was taken for my evening walk. The pavements were too dicey to risk so we ended up parading down the middle
of the street along the tyre tracks. On either side Snowmen giggled from the gardens and mocked me as I slunk along, my head dipped in shame and embarrassment. I hurried to complete the walk but we'd only just started. I considered all the replies I should have given the Snowmen, but ended up just bitter from the freezing cold.  

When I crossed paths with a gentle collie cross, who remarked that she "liked my coat", I was in no mood to distinguish sincerity from sarcasm. I exploded in a fit of festering rage. The mistress was quite shocked by my apparent unprovoked outburst and scolded me. I felt like biting her for making me wear this stupid coat. I didn't care that it kept my body warm. My paws and legs were still frozen. I just wanted to get home and hibernate under the bed covers until spring. I never wanted to see snow ever again.

The big freeze lasted for almost the week. On Friday, a fast thaw developed as a pocket of warm air covered the country offering a welcome reprieve. Only melted stubs of snow remained to remind me of the recent Snowmen invasion. How long would it be before they returned for good? 

Today the temperature plummetted...