Friday, 15 October 2010

Humans Never Listen

I've been getting evening walks in the dark at Barshaw Park this week. There are pros and cons to this. Cons: I don't get a ball as often because my master goes nuts when I forget where I left it and he can't find it with his torch. Pros: I'm off lead and find a lot more scraps of food because he doesn't notice them till it's too late. Yum! I really hope he doesn't get a better torch for his birthday.

The other night I was approached by a beagle, who was in a right mood. His owner had wandered off. He told me he'd expressly told his master to wait while he chased the fox but when he returned there was no sign of him. "Humans never do as they're told. They should be the ones going to obedience classes."

I said I'd heard someone whistling near the pond but that was a while ago. He thanked me and hurried off, sniffing insistently for a hint of a trail of his master. I wished him luck. He was going to need it. In the dark his master was probably terrified, running blindly all over the place. Silly man! Even with a beagle's nose he would be leaving a difficult path to track. In his haste I forgot to ask the beagle what his owner's name was in case we came across him. We didn't anyway so it didn't matter. I hope the two have been reunited. It's never nice having to go to the dog pound to wait for your master to show up.

He was right though: humans never listen. Take the case of the Staffy who shook the cat to death at Morar. He gave ample warnings to the cat's owner. But did she listen? No. Now he's up in court for not being under control. Where's the logic there? These humans and their stupid rules.

I'm forever telling the woman over the back to keep her cat inside, especially when he's up at my fence. It's for his own protection. Maybe she doesn't hear me at 7am because of her double glazing. I shout as loud as I can but still she allows the cat to roam. It won't be my fault if it comes to harm. She was well warned. Not every dog is as considerate as me. I thought I was getting somewhere when the intruder light came on but it turned out it was just a burglar. I scared him off. With no thanks, I may add. My master gets annoyed at me when I share my early morning thoughts like this. He's only thinking of himself. I don't know what he's worried about. An ASBO is a badge of honour in some parts of Paisley.